Leased Lines


What is a leased line?

With a leased line, you have a dedicated connection from your office directly into your local exchange where is is connected directly into the backbone infrastructure. To meet business demand for high speed, high bandwidth connectivity solutions, Corvus Systems provides Leased Lines.

If your business can’t afford to lose your internet connection, you need a leased line.

Leased Lines combine high-performance and resilience. Offering bandwidth speeds up to 1Gbps.

This is subject to survey, there are several things we will need to check before we can quote an installation time.

Talk to our team and we can advise you based on your requirements. Call us or email us and we can get the order started.

To find out if you can get a leased line, give us a call on 01902 711777.

Faults do occasionally occur and when they do, especially for a business, you need to know that the people supporting the broadband are based in the UK, well trained and understand the importance of quick and effective resolution. We pride ourselves on the fact you can always get through to our support team first time when you need to

If you need fast Internet access, a leased line is certainly the option for you.

Uncontended connection

Symmetric bandwidth

Copper/dual fibre options

With 1:1 fully uncontended service, your business will get a private line so you never share the bandwidth with any other internet users.