Not to be confused with Cloud, Virtualisation has many benefits and is becoming more popular.


Although Cloud can use Virtualisation, it can also be used by Company Servers / On Premises Servers.


A quick summary of Virtualisation; it is when you take a Server (or computer) and host other computers (or servers) within it.
Virtual servers/computers and physical servers/computers will treat each other the same.


A quick introduction to the benefits of Virtualisation include less power usage, faster resolution of problems as key business IT roles are separated into Virtual machines as opposed to all being on one machine, cheaper licensing (generally), safer, faster, more efficient backups and disaster recovery and not to mention easier upgrades in the future – Virtual servers/computers (virtual machines) can be moved between physical machines!


Virtualisation is a complex topic and can drastically improve the operating efficiency of your company’s IT and computer network.
It offers the ability to separate core business IT processes, recovery from disasters much faster, offers better security and much more.

A solution involving Virtualisation requires attention to detail and careful planning. A Virtualisation solution would normally be recommended upon a requirements assessment from us – i.e. we would tell you you’d be better off with Virtualisation after we investigate your requirements.

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