We can provide the following reports:

  • Service Report – includes tickets, work done
  • Patch Reports – what software patches need to be installed and which have been
  • Security Reports – contains information on every managed computer and server as to their current state of security, including anti-virus and firewall
  • Performance Reports – as we monitor the performance of all computers and servers we manage, we can provide reports on how they perform
  • Software Reports – contains software installed on any device we manage
  • Backup Reports – contains the information as to the success and failure of the devices we manage the backups on
  • Inventory Reports – we can provide reports on all of the assets or inventory which we manage (and even ones that we don’t!)

The reports aren’t limited. We can configure daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, reports for every 2nd Thursday of every other month – or just about whatever you want!

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