Data Backup

What you need to know

Customer information, E-mails and company accounts are just some of the critical data that is usually stored on servers & PC’s.

If this data is ever lost it could put you out of business!

This is why it is vital that businesses backup their critical data on a regular basis.

Historically most businesses have backed up their data on tape drives connected to their servers. The problem with this type of solution is tapes deteriorate over time. This can be very expensive as you have to replace the tapes on a regular basis.

If your data is currently backed up on an old tape you may also struggle to restore your data if you need to!

How can we help?

We can supply, install and support the following types of data backup solutions:

  • Off Site Data Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Backup with Business Continuity
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Multiple External USB Hard Drives

Thinking about it?

If you are looking to implement a backup solution then a knowledgeable account manager can visit your site to ascertain the best solution that is available to you.

We will help you understand the benefits and possible disadvantages of each solution, and provide you with a competitive quotation.

If you also take out our remote support we will monitor the status of your backups.

If a backup fails, we will know and the issue can be dealt with. If nobody knows, then who knows what could happen?