Request Remote Support

This is a step by step guide if you need to contact us to raise a support ticket.

Method 1 – How to submit a ticket directly from your PC or Laptop (for customers under support)

Step 1: Goto the bottom right hand corner of your PC (by the clock). This is called the system tray.

Step 2: Find the system health monitoring software icon. It is a white square with a plus on it.

Step 3: Right click on the icon and click “Submit Support Request”.

Step 4: It will then bring up a new window, enter your email address and a brief description of the fault.

Step 5: Click send. This will send the ticket directly to us. Just wait for us to get in touch.

Method 2 – How to raise a ticket on the phone (for customers under support)

Step 1: Call 01902 711777

Step 2: Press 2 for technical support.

Step 3: Give your details and a description of the fault to one of our support team.

Method 3 – How to raise a support ticket via email (for customers under support)

Step 1: When you sign up with us, we will give you an email address so you can send us tickets directly.

Step 2: Simply send us an email, Give your details and a description of the fault and we will be in touch.

Call us on 01902 711777
Option 2 – Technical Support